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Chenga Lham

Ms. Chenga Lham, 15 years from Sha, Phangyul, Wangdiphodrang was diagnosed as Chronic Kidney Failure when she was studying in 8th standard at Wangdi Lower Secondary School. She has been under dialysis till now and at present she is under primary follow up for kidney transplantation at Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore, Tamilnadu, India.

In total, she has been under dialysis since 4 months ago. Her elder brother volunteered to donate one of his kidneys but due to his own health complications, he was not accepted by the hospital management. Later, her mother was checked but again the same problem like her elder brother.

Finally her father Mr. Tashi Tshering, 43, was checked and the results of all the tests were good and he was certified to be fit to donate one of his kidneys.

The hospital management gave them a date on 1st May 2013 for kidney transplantation. Since, they are from financially constraint backed family; Bhutan Kidney Foundation is seeking any interested individuals and companies to help them with contributions. Your contributions will not only save the life of a young girl but also will be appreciated.

You can feel free to contact at the following;

Email : info@bhutankidneyfoundation.org
Cell : +975-17691745
Fix : +975-2-328654 (during office hours).