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Bhutan Kidney Foundation is a Civil Society Organization (CSO) / Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) officially registered under The Civil Society Organizations Authority (CSOA- Centrally located in capital Thimphu, the Foundation is functioning as an instrumental support group for the well-being of Bhutanese kidney patients. Currently, due to financial constraint the foundation focuses primarily on public education and awareness on prevention of kidney related diseases in the country. As it matures, we look forward to extending financial support to those kidney patients who have financial difficulties to undergo kidney transplant even though our generous government bears the entire medical cost and some living expenses. Besides, if need be, BKF also provides similar support and services to other organs related patients since there isn’t separate organizations to look after these issues at present.


By being the voice of all kidney patients, we plan to ensure consistent healthcare services for Bhutan’s renal patients by keeping in constant touch with relevant agencies and stakeholders; explore fund sources within and outside of our country so to assist needy patients, and, in collaboration with experts, coordinate research on why renal failure cases is rampant in Bhutan. Furthermore, all kidney patients shall be provided with necessary counseling in various areas: from dietary advises to physical exercise, mental counseling to protection of chronic kidney patients from all sorts of discrimination in society.


A decade from now, since its date of inception as Bhutan Kidney Foundation, we will strive relentlessly to support and improve health conditions of all pre-transplant and post-transplant kidney patients in Bhutan so that each individual will contribute actively to nurturing of Gross National Happiness. We will also leave no stone unturned in protecting healthy people from being affected by kidney related diseases in near future.


– To promote overall well-being of kidney patients in Bhutan.
– To raise awareness among general public on kidney related diseases in coordination with relevant agencies and stakeholders.
– To ensure all kidney patients have easy access to affordable care and services.
– To raise funds & facilitate underprivileged & needy patients to undergo transplant even though RGoB currently bears the entire medical costs besides other financial assistance.
– To support establishment of renal and other organ transplantation programmes in Bhutan in near future.
– To encourage, promote and facilitate legal organ donations.
– To provide necessary support and services to other organ-related patients as well.
– To explore international funds amongst health supporting organizations around the globe for the purposes of carrying out research on causes of rampant kidney failures in Bhutan so that in near future, the disease may be contained.

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